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Ready to give your future guests another reason to stay at your location?

Spice it up with Bar Soaps by Kimberly Cares For!

Congratulations you have made the best decision for your guest by gifting them with bar soaps by Kimberly Cares For U. com

All of my bars are made, cured, and packaged in a covid free, sterile environment with minimal handling to ensure the best bar every time.

The Lathering- last longer than the reservation

The Look- ugly bars yet still beautiful.

The Scent - made by a woman perfect for everyone.

The Love- without it it's just soap.

BAR SIZE: 2 x 2 x1

Choose one scent or MIX & MATCH. Either way, your guest will thank you.

  1. Citrus Mint

  2. Orange Rosemary

  3. Coconut Cream

  4. Eucalyptus

  5. Tea Tree Oatmeal

Place your first order of 12 or more bars and get 10% off your second order of $24.00 or more.

( A special code just for you will be sent via email after your first order has been processed.)

FREE delivery on all local orders. ( within St.Louis, MO Owners )

FREE Wooden Soap Tray with each order ( 1 per bathroom- advise the number of rooms )

FREE Thank You, Gift from Kimberly Cares For U when you place your first order

FLAT rate shipping through USPS for all orders outside of the delivery zone

Thank you for choosing Kimberly Cares For U for your soap upgrade!

Don't forget to tell your friends, family, and followers about Kimberly Cares For

Post your reviews right here on our site and tag us in social media posts.

Thank you for all your support online and locally.

Respect, Kindness, Humanity, Community

Click buy now to place your order...

Airbnb & Villas

Hotel, Motels & Extended Stays

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