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SET UP & SELL (Book Me)

SET UP & SELL is a service that I provide to you and your guest during your open-air events. I bring my products and you provide a (CLICK HERE) table & chair. This allows my business to grow by selling my products at your events and for you to provide something unexpected yet exciting to your guest.


-Book me I'm available-

Thank you party for your employees

Eid al-Fitr

Wedding Receptions


Fish Frys

Anniversary Celebrations for couples

Business Anniversary Celebration

Baby Showers

Grand Openings

Bar Mitzvahs

Bat Mitzvahs

Car Washes

Birthday Parties

Divorce Parties

Work events

Launch Parties

Store Sales

Family Reunions

Art Shows

Talent Shows

Back to school events & more.

When can I book you? Year around. When booking please notify me at a minimum of 48 hours (2 days) in advance of your upcoming event.

What will you need from me or the event planner to get set up at my event? 1 table 1chair, walkthrough and set up site information for the event, same-day set-up time allowed between 30 mins to 1 hour prior to the event, ID pass, or Event badge if necessary for me to enter the event and parking validation and or parking information.

What is included in booking you for my event? I am personal yet professional. I am always smiling and able to interact with your guest in a kind and respectful manner no matter the event. You will get a Thank You gift bag from me for each event that you book me for. I will bring my Home Made Bar Soaps for men and women & Bath Soothers to sell to your guest.

Who can book you? The event planner of your event, The hostess, The Manager, or the Owners of the location

What forms of payment will guests need to purchase your products at my event? I accept Cash, and I have a square reader that allows me to accept Credit, or Debit cards onsite (cash app optional)

What does it cost to book you? The cost to book me is only $20.00 for a min of 2 hours (additional time is $10.00 per hour) which must be paid on-site prior to the ending of the agreed 2 hours

Will I be charged if I need to cancel? NO! based on following the cancellation rules:

Please cancel 1 day prior to the set booking date & time.

A $35.00 cancellation fee will be charged if canceled within less than 1 day's notice of the event and the booking fee will not be returned!

How do I avoid the cancellation fee and get my booking fee refunded? When the booking is canceled 1 or more days in advance your $20.00 booking fee will be refunded and no late charge will be added.

Are you going to harass my guest during my event? No, I will not harass nor approach anyone in a car salesman-like manner. The area that I am set up in should be where your guest will have immediate access to me during the two hours that I am booked or longer. I will interact with your guests respectfully but not during sacred or private moments that you may have arranged during your event.

I am a celebrity or high profile person and my privacy needs to be respected during my event can you guarantee that? YES! I am very professional and understand that being invited to either a private or public event is a matter of respect and confidentiality. No matter the event I am not there to take photos of anyone nor the event location to be discussed with anyone outside of my company. The only photo that will be taken is of my table set up.

What is the benefit of booking you? Rather you are having an l000 people or 10 at your next event having me at your event will add that additional something new, positive, and interactive for your guest. Not only am I a maker of bath and body products but I am also a Mentor, Relationship Mediator & Caregiver.

You never know when a moment of peace and release needs to happen.

So provide your guest with it all at your next event by booking Kimberly Cares For U.Com

Book now by selecting ( BOOK ONLINE ) at the top of the page.

Thank you


Congratulations on choosing Kimberly Cares For U for your event needs.

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Thank you for all your support online and at local events.

Respect, Kindness, Humanity, Community

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